Profit is preferable. Cashflow is a killer.

•March 30, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Strange as it might seem, you don’t need to make a profit in order to survive in business.  Right now hundreds of thousands of businesses are surviving despite the red ink on the bottom of their Profit & Loss reports … because the proprietors have cut their salaries to the poverty level, the spare car has been sold, a second mortgage has been taken out on the house, all the junk has been sold on Ebay … and so forth.

For as long as they’re able to prop the business up like this, it will survive. 

On other hand, if the business is posting a profit but can’t pay its bills when they come due … it is likely to fold.  No matter that sales are strong and the profit margin is high.  If the cash from those sales hasn’t been collected, the business is in strife.

That’s why this blog is about much more than just ‘business building’ and ‘marketing’ ideas.  Instead, you’ll find a collection of articles expressing my thoughts on a wide range of subjects — from leadership and management, to sales and marketing, through to productivity and efficiency. 

I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from the ideas I share with you. 

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